Designed by YOU

How about designing your own Android Smartphone, just for you?

You pick the size of the screen, processor and memory, and your own style and we make it for you. Instantly...

You Design. We Build It.

Factory Direct

How about buying your smartphone straight from our factory outlets?

It is always in stock, it is built for you and it cost less... a lot less for exactly the same quality smartphone you get from major brands: a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a brilliant IPS LCD touchscreen, a great camera and all the features you are used to.

More choices for less money. What's not to like?


How about getting a smartphone you can upgrade later on?

You get the latest Android updates instead of waiting for 6 months or buying a new model.

You can also upgrade your screen, processor or camera or get a new housing: update your smartphone without having to buy everything again.

You save money and reduce electronic waste. Everyone wins...

Featured Products

X6 S Cover
X6 S Cover


X6 L Cover
X6 L Cover


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